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Reaction to... Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas [No spoilers!]

I’ve waited long for this day. I would’ve posted about this sooner, my friends, but I confess irresponsibility and absent-mindedness. I’m on vacation! But that’s neither here nor there when we’re about to discuss a little delight presented to us by Sarah J. Maas. First of all, though it’s no secret, I’d like to preface this post by professing an incessant admiration for Sarah and a disturbing obsession with this series. Not sure if that necessarily makes me bias considering I have MANY reasons to feel the way I do about this series—because it is truly wonderful. Throne of Glass is absolutely a phenomenal work, a beginning to the chronicles of a young deadly assassin with a big heart torn between loyalties, prophecy, and politics, but it’s sequel I might love even deeper.

Throughout book one we spent our time getting to know Celaena and the players to be involved in her life. It was the characters that cemented my connection to this story, the action, plot, and sleuthing falling just below that important aspect but still ranking highly among those I’ve read of the same caliber. But what makes Crown of Midnight so lovely, and perhaps better than it’s predecessor, is that taking of what we already know of the characters and deepening it, darkening it. In spite of the atmosphere of the last book—with a cutthroat competition taking place—there wasn’t nearly as much of a sense of urgency and danger as in this one. The urgency in blocking the king from further spreading his evil, in the prophecy that’s slowly arising, and the danger in the part of Celaena her enemies fail to remember and, frankly, foolishly underestimate. It’s these two components that make this read incredibly compelling, and sets the tone darker than I thought possible.

Both slyly torturous and proportionately thrilling, the events of Crown of Midnight take the slight joyous air that builds for a while in the beginning and dips it straight into Celaena’s personal hell. More than that, there are some amazing revelations provided—secrets of not only Celaena’s past but of her origins and capabilities that I only vaguely guessed at—and was unsurprisingly astounded by them. Maas seemed to have a firmer grip over the pacing and a much more solid control over the plot’s consistency making the story that much more enjoyable. I recommend savoring Crown of Midnight, guys, so that you can appreciate every nuance, every miniscule detail stunningly put together.

Notice how I very carefully avoid the subject of the romance—not because it wasn’t so freaking satisfying I want to shout to the rooftops, nay that isn’t the reason. I just don’t want to spoil anything. But let’s just say that it’s as beautifully written and has so far been as agonizing as the goings-on throughout. I only hope that it ends up far better than the dreadful picture that’s already been mapped out. Every inch of this story brings you so much closer to the end of this trilogy and yet takes you so far away—I NEED the last book in this series. Need. But, yes, though the fate of Celaena’s romance hanging in the balance is a drive, it’s definitely not the only reason to beg for the final act.

I wasn’t shocked that Sarah had overcome the Sophomore Slump and thumbed her nose in victory because this series is just too fantastic, but I am surprised by the scope, depth, and wonder within this sequel. After this book, I don’t think there will EVER be reason to doubt Sarah J Maas and her affinity for storytelling—she’s written a set of soul books, books that seem to have been written with me in mind, and I’ll be forever grateful to her for it.

Hardcover / 432 pgs / Aug 27th 2013 / Bloomsbury / Goodreads / $17.99

I picked this one up at Sarah's signing during Book Expo America.


Princess Ash said...

I always feel like Sarah J Maas' books are written with ME in mind too. Throne of Glass just worked PERFECTLY for me, and Crown of Midnight managed to live up to it and do even more. I also think it was perhaps even better than the first, and I didn't think that could be possible. Gah, just reading your thoughts has me thinking about that ending again! I'm so nervous about what might happen next. I heard that there might be six books in total now? However many, I can't wait. :D Great review, Ash!

Princess Ash said...


I am about 50x more excited for this one after that beautiful, beautiful review! Not that I wasn't excited before, because Crown of Glass was an amazing debut, but you've totally reminded me of exactly how great it was! And if the next one tops it? If it has a deeper look at the characters, a further sense of urgency, more about the prophecy... all things that I am DYING TO READ?


Thank you for the great review, Ash! <3 SO glad you loved this one!

Princess Ash said...

I need the last book too. SO MUCH. After that ending, omg. How can we be expected to wait so long for book three?! Sometimes I really wish I had a time machine... Fab review, glad you enjoyed CoM as much as I did :).

Princess Ash said...

My copy of this is on its way, and I am DYING to crack it open! I even spaced out my reads this past week so I'll be able to start this on Tuesday. That's how badly I need to read it. Glad to hear you loved it!

Princess Ash said...

I'm so glad this lived up to your v.v.high expectations, hun!

And enjoy your vacay!

Princess Ash said...

Okay I just have to say, your enthusiasm comes through SO clearly, Asher!

Now, on to the many emotions I felt reading this one. I like how you talked about the romance - you did a wonderful job highlighting it without spoiling. I was like you... I basically wanted to burst into song in my review because OH EM GEE. THE SWOONS. AND THEN ALL THE TEARS. Oh man.

Agreed, Sarah DEFINITELY was like, "ain't no sophomore slump here!" Wonderful review, chick.

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Princess Ash said...

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Princess Ash said...

I haven't had a chance to read this one yet but I am excited to start it. Great review!