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Puh-lease, Miley, this can't be the most shocking thing you've seen. Or done.

But seriously guys, I've been thinking about it and why am I still pulling a Dread Pirate Roberts? The reason I began with Asher Knight three years ago when I started my blog was because of all the internet danger campaigns they'd been doing at my school. Not to mention the fact that if anyone knew I was book blogging--you know, should this anonymous tormenter ever decide to google my name--I didn't want to be considered uncool for doing it. This name I'd invented became a shield and an opportunity. An opportunity to develop this persona into someone I actually wanted to be.

Well, I don't need to hide anymore. I don't want to care about anyone stumbling across my book blog or my channel. So I'm taking a step.

My name is Amara, but people who are down with me call me Mara. And you can call me that too.


Marathon said...

Haha, I love that you're going back to real name! I'm pretty sure I used Amara while doing my vlogs and then would switch back to Asher! <3

Marathon said...

YAY! I knew Asher wasn't your real name but I can TOTALLY understand. When I started venturing into online things, there was a lot of worries still about online predators, so I went by my middle name (Marie) for YEARS. Even had online friends who became real life friends who STILL call me that, or a nickname of it. Eventually I realized I was using it to feel "safe" and as I started to be more comfortable with myself, I didn't want to be Marie anymore - I wanted to be Molli. Me. So, gotcha.

It will be odd to NOT think of you as Asher, but I'll work on thinking of you as Mara. <3 <3 <3 <3

Molli | Once Upon a Prologue

Marathon said...

How did I not know this?! :(

Marathon said...

What a pretty name! :D

Marathon said...

Amara!! So pretty.