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Because I haven't posted anything in a little bit. Tomorrow is about some predictions I have about book three in the Throne of Glass series, but beyond that I'm a little tapped out. The good news is that I'm slowly feeling the reading slump dissipate.

I'm actually hoping to get some reading done tonight! Cheer me on!


Marathon said...

You get a *fist-bump* for liking autumn more than summer. I hate horror things so much. I don't even bother with movies. My mom tried to get me to watch the grudge but all I ended up doing was hiding under my blanket for about twenty minutes before running off like the hounds of hell were after me. SADRIAN. FIERY HEART is going to be THE BUSINESS. No, haven't seen Sleepy Hollow yet but I'M GOING TO. My mom and I are so intrigued and as tv show buddies we are inclined to watch it together.


Marathon said...

Hi!! =D
I've just found your blog and I really like it, so new follower!!

ps. I've just started my book blog, I'll leave you the link so if you want you can stop by :)