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Throne of Glass Series Predictions

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So I kind of dropped the ball with the blog tour post for this week, but that's because I was getting all my faculties in order. Which is code for being obsessed with filming and editing for my new youtube channel. Can't help myself! But on the bright side it's been helping me work through my reading slump and has gotten me to read a bit more than I have been.

And it's also helped me appreciate the value of getting to the point quickly, so let's apply what we've learned here shall we?

Now, initially when I first mapped out this post I was preparing for talking about my predictions for the series' conclusion. That was until I discovered this:

Holy flucking what. WHAT? What is the meaning of this?!

I'm sorry but did I miss the part when this was announced to be Not A Trilogy? A chucklehead like me could have easily overlooked a detail like that, certainly, but I'm miffed I didn't know about this sooner. (Okay, so maybe she warned me but I didn't listen.)

Consequently, I'm torn between exasperation (they've expanded, perhaps unnecessarily, another trilogy), fear (this is my favorite series being tampered with here), and cautious joy (because really I'm still being offered more Celaena, Chaol, and all sorts of cool stuff -- probably, if all goes well).

So, yes, I know about this, and must adjust accordingly. With that said.

Prediction #1:
Celaena's going to get more bad-A. Like triple A, and I don't mean for your roadside convenience.

That was evident in this last book, Crown of Midnight, because all that has happened has turned her to her dark self, which still has room to grow darker. Dark is not darkest after all.

At the same time, she's also rapidly gone to weary, sad, and scarred underneath it all, and it was so heart-wrenching to see her in that state by the end. I have a feeling, especially with the series elongated, that it's only going to get unfathomably worse.

Prediction #2:
The love triangle may not have been an actual Thing To Worry About before, but I suspect Dorian is going to cause me some problems.

There were -- without being too spoilery -- some hints being dropped about Dorian having to marry a certain princess from a certain family, or he would have had terrible things not befallen her. I'd HATE to see that tiny detail resurface in a very painful way which will be unbearably agonizing for, oh, I don't know...


Prediction #3:
As for my complicated romance between my favorite Captain and my most beloved assassin, things are going to get a lot worse before things head back to the broom closet.

Sarah has proven herself to be a sufficient captor and torturer of the soul. I have no doubt she's had and will continue to have time to strengthen her skillz to levels that would rival that of *shudders* Sarah Rees Brennan. I couldn't possibly threaten the woman the same way I have Brennan, BUT that doesn't mean I'll give her a free pass or pretend this rising power doesn't worry me.

All I'll say for now is Miss Maas, I, your loyal and humble reader/obsessed fangirl, plead with you to be gentle with my heart. I'm so young. There's still so much I haven't yet lived. So please, HAVE MERCY.

And that concludes the ramblings of a cyber-addict young adult who's still lurking on the interwebs at 3am.


Marathon said...

Prediction 2. PREDICTION 2!! I do not like it. I just, don't like Dorian. He needs to step up, be a man. Yes with book two he is working towards actually standing up for what he believes in, but I just want to slap him for being so indecisive and...well puny. Without spoiling, book one just bothered me. He has redeeming qualities, but I do not feel he can handle Celaena.

I am hoping there is a princess in Wendlyn for him to marry, and that will put our worries at ease.

Prediction 3 I can see though. Things got a little better, but now it is all Celaena, her trust was broken and I foresee her going through a lot of trials and something bad happening to Chaol before she even starts to forgive him. However, I think all of the things at the end that she told him were a step in the right direction.

Marathon said...

Can I just say how much I love this post? I LOVE IT TO BITS. Not only because of the fact that I totally adored COM buuuutttt I just found out that there is going to be more than 3 books O_O Anyways #2 NO JUST STOP OKAY? POSITIVE THINKING ONLY! I refuse to even consider this because CHAOL AND CELAENA ARE MEANT TO BE. Although I feel that Maas has a few tricks up her sleeve that will no doubt change everything, I feel like a HUGE INSANE twist is coming. What exactly? I dont know *sobs because I really want to know*

Marathon said...

WHUT. I SO did not know this either!! Wow. Well, I approve of lengthening an awesome series, of course, so long as it isn't drawn out unnecessarily as you pointed out. Actually, umm I haven't read Crown of Midnight yet - eek, I KNOW!

Marathon said...

What!? No, go now! It was fantastic, I finished it in one sitting. (not surprising since I always start books early in the day so I can finish them without feeling bad about not sleeping...lol.) But so good, and you must go read it. That way you are part of the know! :O

Marathon said...

Hey you should have seen MY face when I found out.

I don't like Prediction 2. Not one bit. Prediction 3 is pretty agonising to have to even contemplate, but I'd rather have that than see prediction 2 come to life in any sort of way.

I'm torn between fear and joy too. Because MORE CHAOL (Yeayyy!)... but I get the feeling that a little bit of elongated torture is inevitable now.

Marathon said...

Whoa- 6 books?! If I have something that's even remotely close to the same reaction for the next 4 that I had after CoM, well, I don't think my heart can handle that.

Marathon said...

I'm terrified and extremely excited that there going to be so many books. I really have NO idea where Maas is going to, but I'll follow her no matter what <3

Marathon said...

For real, I loveee that there will be that many books, because so far they are AMAZING, but on the other hand... ugh, so much wait time!! I'm going to dieee (only slight hyperbole) waiting for them all. Plus I'm getting old, and I don't remember details, like... at ALL. That's going to be a lot of re-reading towards the end. Awesome re-reading, but still.

Marathon said...

Err, I feel like Calaena will ultimately be with Dorian. Weren't there hints about her ties to Elena, and being a descendant of Elena - who was from Terrasen and then her true love being a man of Adarlan? I feel like Elena and Gavin are the models the author will follow for the romance of this book. I know that Calaena loves Chaol but I feel like there's only going to be heartbreak for him and for her together ....

Marathon said...

Fan reactions seems strongly inclined towards Chaol and against Dorian though : 0