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Remnants by Lisa T. Bergren

The elder likened the Hour of our Call to a tidal pull, the first birthing pangs of a pregnant mother... but to me it felt like a scream building inside. Excitement and glory, swirling in a ball within my chest. Electrifying. Mobilizing.
Did I really say I was going to post this review three days ago? Has it really been a month already since my last post? I'm clearly just so damn absentminded I should be responsible for little else. That's why I keep rejecting your blog tour invites and review requests, people, and not because it pleases me... much (but there would be no confusion if more read a certain web page). Anyway, I did make an exception to my current policy for one of the few authors I would bend over backward because I wanted to be a part of her latest book's outbreak into blogging society. Have I done a good job with keeping up? I could've done better, I freely admit. But the point is I'm more or less ready to talk about my feelings on the matter.

I'm going to be upfront and say I am pretty darn disappointed with Remnants/Season of Wonder and... just why did I think I wanted to be honest upfront? It's painful to say even that much when I utterly adore Lisa T. Bergren, as a person and an author. I feel guilty, even knowing I don't owe the lovely Lisa an unqualified happy response to what I read. However, whether this wasn't my cup of tea or that I found it strangely lacking, the overwhelming conclusion is that I didn't enjoy this book nearly as much as I'd hoped.

A promising first few chapters combined with my enthusiasm to have something else of the author of the River of Time novels cross my lap made it ease to delve into this new world filled with new characters in what looked to be an engaging and exciting story. I was intrigued by these warriors of God fighting for the remnants of a world that wasn't my world but felt eerily familiar.

But the foundation of what is built for us doesn't hold strong for very long.

It took me little to no time to realize that while I snickered at the humor that wanted to be there and tried to love the potential of a long-brewing romance between the main characters, I didn't see, didn't feel, and ultimately didn't care. It became difficult to keep my attention firmly pressed to the pages when I was so distant from these people trying to rally together to save the world, a world that provoked a few questions, yes, then promptly lost my interest as did most everything else.

It's an interesting book, for all it's needlessly overwhelming length, but that's all it amounted to in the end. It wasn't gripping or immersive or any of the other fun words I like to use to describe the state a book put me into. And so I may retain a mild curiosity for the next book in the series, but nothing more.

Hardcover / 414 pgs / April 8th 2014 / Blink / Goodreads / $15.99

My copy was sent to me as an ARC for the Remnants blog tour.

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Marathon said...

It's hard when you like an author and have chatted to them or know them, but honesty is always the best policy when it comes to reviews, so good on you, hun!

Mands @ The
Bookish Manicurist

Marathon said...

Yes, while writing this I just desperately wanted to get it over with!!